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SP2 Apps for SharePoint

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SP2 Apps for SharePoint 2013

 Corey Roth, co-founder of, is excited to announce, SP2, a new line of innovative Apps for SharePoint 2013.  SP2 apps seek to help increase user adoption by providing engaging functionality to your users.  

SP2 is pleased to offer the free SP2 CAML Query Tester app which will aid the SharePoint development community in testing queries.  

We're excited to announce that SP2 Feedback now has a free trial!  Try it today!

Corey Roth - SharePoint Server MVP

 Corey Roth has a passion for working with the SharePoint community.  He has a background in developing Search and ECM solutions for SharePoint.  As a three-time MVP award recipient, he is dedicated to helping others achieve their SharePoint goals.  He posts frequently to his blog at about a variety of SharePoint topics..   Recently, he has committed to developing both free and paid apps for SharePoint 2013.  His free apps serve as tools to aid the community in writing other apps and do other common development tasks in SharePoint.

SP2 Apps for SharePoint 2013

Here are our latest apps for SharePoint 2013!  Look for three new apps coming before the end of the year.  Find all our apps in the Office Store.

SP2 CAML Query Tester
A free app to aid developers in testing CAML queries.

As a developer, testing CAML queries can be a challenge, especially in SharePoint apps.  With this new free app from SharePoint MVP Corey Roth (@coreyroth) at SP2, you can quickly test your queries within the app web or in the host web.  Simply install this app, and add the App Part to your host web and you can quickly test your queries without having to redeploy your code multiple times.  This tool is a must have for any developer writing complex CAML queries using the SharePoint Client Object Model.

Install App via Office Store
SP2 Daily Menu

Display your company cafeteria menu every day with SP2 Daily Menu.

Knowing what is being served in the company cafeteria has proven to be a huge driver for SharePoint adoption.  With this app, your users will be able to see what is being served in the cafeteria right from your Intranet home page.  It will keep your users coming back every day.    This great new web part allows a designated user to easily update the menu for the cafeteria for the day or for multiple days in advance.  If employees in your company are often wondering what is for lunch, this app is for you.

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SP2 Feedback
A web part allowing you to collect feedback on your site from end users.
Trial now available!

Collecting site feedback is critical to your SharePoint adoption.  With the SP2 Feedback web part, your users will feel connected to the SharePoint team because they feel like they have the ability to contribute to the site.  With SP2 Feedback, there is finally a simple solution to allow capturing feedback from anywhere on your site. Simply, drop this web part onto any page and your users will start being able to leave valuable comments about the functionality of your site.  This is a great web part to add to your search results page or home page.  Plus, you'll automatically capture the URL, user information, and time stamp of when the feedback was left.  SP2 is a great solution for any SharePoint team that wants to truly engage its users.

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