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SP2 Apps for SharePoint

Innovative apps to save you time.

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About SP2

 SP2 is founded by Corey Roth, co-founder of  SP2 provides a new line of innovative Apps for SharePoint 2013.  SP2 apps seek to help increase user adoption by providing engaging functionality to your users.  You can learn more about SP2 and our apps from our profile at the Office Store.

About Corey Roth [MVP]

Corey Roth has a passion for working with the SharePoint community.  He has a background in developing Search and ECM solutions for SharePoint.  As a three-time MVP award recipient, he is dedicated to helping others achieve their SharePoint goals.  He posts frequently to his blog at about a variety of SharePoint topics..   Recently, he has committed to developing both free and paid apps for SharePoint 2013.  His free apps serve as tools to aid the community in writing other apps and do other common development tasks in SharePoint.