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Many of our apps require permissions to the lists inside the app.  These permissions need to be granted so that you can use the web part on your page.  Follow these simple steps to get started.

  1. Open the Default App Page.  You can find this under Site Contents -> Your Apps.
  2. A link to the list will be at the bottom of this page.  For example, with SP2 Feedback or SP2 Site Owner Contact Form, look for the Feedback list and click on the header to go to that list.  
  3. Click on the List tab in the ribbon and then click Shared With in the ribbon. 
  4. Click INVITE PEOPLE. 
  5. Add the users you want to grant Contribute access to.  Typically, you should enter Everyone
  6. Click Share and you're done.

After you've done this step you are ready to go.  This step is only necessary when users don't already have contribute access to the host site of your app.  All other SP2 applications only require Read Only access on your host web application.